5 Ford Models You’ve Never Heard Of


Ready for a strange ride?


The Mustang, the Model T, the T-bird, the F-150…


We all know those. They’re fantastic vehicles with great history.


What about this…


The Anglia, the Capri, the Parklane, the Squire


Heard of these? Maybe not so much.


Here are 5 Ford models you may never have heard of.


The Ford Anglia


You may have heard this before, ‘higher gas prices driving the need for smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles.’


Well this applies to the late 1930s as well.


American cars were growing in size and stature in the 30s, but there was a clear need for a smaller more efficient car.


In 1939 the Ford Anglia made its appearance to do just that. It was a smaller, two door option that performed the way it should and helped keep money in people’s pockets.


Production of the Anglia didn’t blossom until after World War II, but it’s the model that put Ford on the map as a global car manufacturer.


The Ford Capri


The Capri, while not very well known, actually has ties to possibly the most well known Ford model…


The Mustang.


The Ford Mustang was a massive success in the U.S. Not wanting to stop there, Ford looked to take the Mustang’s success across the Atlantic.


They did so by creating the Capri.


The Capri may not have been quite the same success as the Mustang, but it absolutely was successful in Europe. So successful, in fact, that it eventually made its way to the U.S and was until 1978. Approximately 1.9 million were sold in total.


The Ford Parklane


Blink, and you may have missed it.


The Parklane was a two-door station wagon. Born to battle the Chevy Nomad, the Parklane is an extremely rare vehicle. The main reason…


It only existed for one year.


Over 15,000 were produced compared to the nearly 8,000 Chevy Nomads. In that sense it was a success.


The Parklane always had an uphill battle as a two-door. Those with the need for a station wagon typically had the need to carry extra passengers and two doors wasn’t easy enough access.


1956 was the year of the Parklane. None came before and none after. If you have one now, hang on to it. It’s extremely rare!


The Ford Starliner


Living as part of the Galaxie Special series, the lifespan of the Ford Starliner was short and often ended violently…


They existed in 1960 and 1961. The Starliner was a hard top model and its sister was the convertible Sunliner.


The Starliner was quite nice as it utilized the high-level Galaxie trim.


In 1962 the Starliner was replaced by the Galaxie 500. There were approximately 100,000 made in 60’ & 61’.


Oh, and the violent death part…


The Starliner was a favorite of NASCAR racers. It offered a great platform to build from. With its exposure to NASCAR, it’s fair to say it got banged up a bit. For this reason, it’s a rare find today.


The Ford Elite


Two doors and three years of production.


The lifespan of the The Ford Elite was fairly short. It was based on the Torino model and considered a more affordable alternative to the T-Bird.


In 1974, it was a sub-model of the Torino. In 75’ and 76’, though, it was a stand-alone model basking in its mid-size ‘personal car’ glory.


In all three years of production the Elite sold very well. In 1977 the Ford lineup was downsized and the Elite name went with it.


Hold on though…


The Elite name may have disappeared, but a certain Thunderbird model lived on only in smaller form.


Rumor has it the Elite framework merged with the T-Bird name…