Local Veterans Get New Cars From Chicagoland Ford Dealer


When two local veterans woke up this morning, they had no idea what was about to happen.


What started as a normal day for both families ended very differently. But most important, the day ended in smiles and honor.


Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Ford gave not one, but two vehicles away to local veterans. In what is now a yearly event for the Chicago Ford dealership, two veterans and their families received a brand new Ford, completely free of charge.


The first veteran, U.S. Navy coreman Jay Finnerman, has a growing family. His new Ford will help carry the kids and give his family extra space when traveling.


Marci Hernandez also received a new Ford from Rohrman. Marci’s husband Emilio was an Air Force Veteran who has since passed away. Marci will be giving the new car to her daughter who is on her way to college.


On a day where we get to honor our Veterans for serving our country and risking their lives, it’s that much more special when you see this kind of generosity.


It’s likely neither family knew they would be driving home in a new Ford today, but their lives will certainly be changed for the better.


And while we are extremely happy witnessing acts of kindness and generosity like this, we always want to acknowledge the sacrifices our Veterans make.


These new Ford vehicles may have been free of charge, but they were certainly earned.


Thank you Veterans for service, commitment and sacrifice!