Ford Wants To Keep You Safe…From Arachnids!


Have you ever found a spider in your car?


If you have, it’s usually a tense experience. There’s not a lot of room to maneuver when you encounter an eight-legged super beast.


Or better yet, you get in your car and find a web…but where’s the spider?


You know she’s lurking nearby ready to scramble up your arm…


Okay, enough of the scary stuff. Ford did this a while back, but we just learned about it and thought we’d share.


Ford wants your driving to be pleasant and spider-free…




They’re doing something about it.


Spiders Cause Issues Other Than Just Scaring Us?


When it comes to vehicles, yes they do.


It’s common for some types of spiders to take residence in the cracks and crevices of the engine compartment. When they do, they tend to find the fuel vapor line.


As they make it their home, webs start to stretch across the line and can end up blocking it.


The result isn’t good.


It can actually damage your engine and cause cracks in the fuel tank. In extreme cases it has led to small fires. Mazda and Toyota both issued recalls based on spider webs adversely affecting their vehicles.


Ford doesn’t want that. We want you safe and your Ford vehicle healthy.


What Is Ford Doing About It?


The solution…


Spider screens.


Simple, yet effective, these screens will be used to protect fuel lines.


They will effectively keep spiders out, while at the same time allowing vapor to effortlessly flow through the system.


So if you’re going on vacation for a couple weeks, or if your Ford is going to be sitting for a while, no need to worry about spiders clogging your fuel lines. They will be protected and your car running strong.