How The 2017 Ford Fusion Is Different From It’s 2016 Little Brother


The 2017 Ford Fusion has a long history of being a reliable sedan with both affordable standard, and powerful optional engine options. There’s much more to be said, from the design to the upkeep of useful advanced technologies to keep you safer, more comfortable and provide real time information.

2017 Ford Fusion Time Lapse Photo

But there have been some definite improvements. Let’s explore what the distinctive differences are between the two models.


New Interior Trim and Packages


As with every year’s release, there are multiple custom crafted trim options for the 2017 Ford Fusion. The Platinum and Sport options provide their own set of benefits. The Platinum package in particular offers beautiful leathers seating, and you’ll find matching leather and wood tastefully places in key locations throughout.


The dial shifter is a particularly noteworthy feature. While the center console is essentially shaped the same, the addition of an electronic parking brake makes a tremendous amount of room available for other features, like cup holders and USB charge ports.


Just as importantly, it’s designed intuitively. As you’d expect with the 2016 Ford Fusion, everything’s placed in harmony with the driver.


Leading Edge Technology Updates

2017 Ford Fusion Driving In city


While not all of the following features of the 2017 Ford Fusion are new or standard parts, they’ve become more effective and affordable.


The SYNC3 technology, for example, offers a brand new 8” touchscreen, while also providing a world class voice command system. This is an important distinction, because it’s more intuitive than the previous year’s model. Apparently, Ford listens well and offers the best possible alternatives.


Having access to all of your smart apps and devices via a WiFi connection is an enormous benefit, even for a new Ford Fusion, because software gets better every year.


Immense Performance and Handling


Access to 4WD is good for any model. Conversely, because fuel emission standards get tough every year, as does the price of gasoline, there are considerable challenges to providing effective, reliable and economically priced engine models.


You’ll be happy to know that the Sport model offers a powerful 2.7L V6. With 325 charging ponies and 380 pounds-per-foot of torque, it’s among the most exciting new sport cars for its class.


Also consider the updated EcoBoost that delivers a respectable amount of performance for the fuel economy, as well.


Combine that with the Adaptive Suspension system. Using multiple sensors, the 2017 Ford Fusion detects road conditions, including but not limited to snow and rain, potholes and minor obstacles. It provides a smooth ride and exceptional steering by magnetically correcting the weight and motion, as well as fine-tune suspension settings.


Signature Remodeling and Exterior Styling


A perfect example comes to mind. Part of the Ford Fusion price is understandably the quality of appearance, and the iconic grille and headlights are no exception. LED regular use and fog lamps are a considerable improvement. It’s not like they haven’t been around, but they’re useful and more affordable now than ever.


On the other hand, the newly designed grille maintains similar image to the 2016 Ford Fusion, but is sleeker and less overpowering than last year’s model. This is even something that Lexus, arguably a titan in modern car design struggles with, for better or worse, and Ford got it right with the 2017 Ford Fusion.


Final Thoughts…


As you know, there are many more improvements and changes made between the two releases. A final realization to be had, is the existence of Ford’s famous commitment to providing the absolute best in semi-autonomous engineering.


While features like enhanced park assist for example are useful for comfort, they’ve taken every measure to ensure features from adaptive cruise control and collision correction are the absolute most reliable. Future research programs aside, their current models, like the 2017 Ford Fusion remain ahead of the game.