Pulling Back The Curtain On The 2017 Ford GT Supercar


Strap in…


The car that took the Detroit Auto Show by storm is due in 2017.


Yes, it looks awesome… Yes, it’s extremely fast… Yes, it’s super cool…


It’s everything you would expect from a supercar, but it doesn’t stop there. We are taking supercars to the extreme.


Here’s some insider information on the coolest features of the 2017 Ford GT.


Acceleration? Speed? Actually…


The word supercar typically conjures up images of aerodynamic styling, ultra-power, unbelievable speeds and explosive acceleration.


The GT will have all of this.




It’s not the primary focus.


It seeks balance and high performance on the race track. There will be huge focus on handling. The measurement will be lap times at Le Mans.


Yes, once again Ford is going head to head with Ferrari. It’s fitting that Back To The Future’s date was just a couple days ago. It was the mid 1960’s when the two automotive giants went toe to toe.


The 2017 Ford GT may not be setting any new records for top speed or acceleration. It will truly be the ultimate driving experience though as it will unite handling with speed and acceleration.


It will be nothing less than master of the road.


The Engine Details


Here are some initial insights.


First, Ford is looking at over 600 horsepower. Yes, it will be a beast. We don’t know the final number yet, but it won’t lack power.


The engine will also showcase Ford’s Ecoboost technology.


It’s looking like a twin-turbo V6 engine will be cranking out those 600 plus horsepower. Torque is likely to be in the 500 lb-ft range.


Some Of The Juicy Details


Now let’s get down to some of the fun and interesting details…

  • Ultra-light Weight – Hybrid motors and batteries are tossed aside for the GT to reduce weight. The carbon-fiber elements creating the chassis and body will make the GT extremely light and performance ready.


  • The Best Power To Weight Ratio – When car-makers offer statements like this they usually end with ‘in its class.’ Well, the 2017 Ford GT intends to have the best power to weight ratio in existence! Forget about in its class. We’re talking the automotive world.


  • Awesome Yet Functional Spoiler – Spoilers look cool. The GT’s spoiler gives it an aggressive look. Here’s the beauty of it; the spoiler can rise and tilt. It will help create downward drag when needed.
  • The Suspension Will Be ‘Active’ – One of the unique yet necessary features will be the active suspension. At high speeds the Ford GT can be lowered for better handling. When driving around town, it can be raised to deal with inclines and speed bumps.
  • The Exhaust Pipes Are… – Awesome. There’s really no other way to say it. They’re set up high on the rear bumper and look ruthless. They are a great finishing touch!


Get excited because there is a good chance Ford will be making history with the 2017 GT.