Report Revisited… Will The Ford Bronco Make A Comeback?


We’re revisiting one of our old pieces here since we recently learned that the Ford Bronco will be returning to the road.


At one point, the Ford Bronco return was just a rumor.


We really wanted it to be true, but no one knew for sure at the time.




That all changed and it’s fun to take a look back to the time when the Bronco was still just a hope.




Without further delay, here’s one of our older pieces…


‘This is one of those rumors we desperately want to be true!


It seems hot, then it goes cold…then it goes hot again.


Well, there is a chance that the Ford Bronco may return to dominate the roads.


It’s been nearly 20 years since the Bronco last saw production. It was 1996 when the Bronco was removed from the production line. It’s a classic in its own right and, Ford willing, it will make its return next year.


What We Know


First things first…


With all of the speculation, and rumors, well…we need to remember that it’s just that…


Rumors and speculation.


Nothing official has come from Ford.


As of right now the rumor mill is circulating. And we’re just fine with that. We love these rumors. They keep our hope alive.


So What Are The Rumors


Well, rumor has it that the Bronco could make an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show in 2016.


It could make an appearance in the flesh, or it could be a digital and photographic cameo. We would obviously prefer the real deal, but as long as it’s officially slated for production, we’re fine with that.


There was also a rumor that the Bronco was going to make its first appearance in Jurassic World.


Unfortunately Indominus Rex ended up chewing and slashing some other vehicle. It was not the Ford Bronco.


Finally, the general consensus about the vehicle itself is that it will resemble a pickup truck more than an SUV, but could walk the line between both.


Regardless of the end result, we’re sure it will be a beast, just like its predecessors.


Until then, let’s all stay positive and send the Bronco good thoughts. We hope to see it soon!’